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Our digital solutions support the sales and marketing activity by design or any online interactions. We professionally understand any brand’s target user group behavior and we can translate it into solutions that meet business and brand objectives. In the last 8 years we have already gained experience in digital work for international clients with the following services:

:: Web Design & Web Site Development
:: Mobile and Tablet Solutions, UI
:: Online marketing and digital strategy
:: Creative & UX
:: Technology Services
:: Social Media


South African, Russian, Kenyan, Namibian, Rumanian, Croatian and Hungarian expert team - after 6 years common work and several international references – is at our future clients and partners entire disposal with unique, holistic marketing solutions in the African, Russian and European market.

Our solutions:
:: launch to market:  complying marketing and sales strategy; implementation by involving our partners
:: branding: for existing brands and also before launching ; status management
:: corrections: management of market positioning change; changing target groups; crisis management
:: positioning and management of social responsibility
:: comprehensive event management for identification and branding
:: ads, image videos, videoclips
:: own database of hostess, model and crowd
:: business consulting


Not just the different languages but any same language used by several ways can be a barrier to do business. The international business language, namely English can be used in several ways by African, European, Asian business partners. In our milieu we have created the efficient unique language according to the professional content management which is naturally flexible for any local givens.

Business and public communication
:: creation of any understandable and plain language milieu

Internal and external communications
:: unified and copious language, clear and sophisticated usage of idea  

Content Management
:: copywriting
:: articles, blog, magazine, newsletter, PR articles, brochures, interview
:: press releases, ads, invitations
:: online content management with SEO